Bean Bag Crazy

You think it’s colourful out there? Well, you’ve seen nothing yet. The fabulous range of nine colours is going to take your eyeballs to pigment nirvana! From Lime to Berry, from Orange to Aqua, whatever the occasion, wherever you’re going, Bean Bag Crazy products are about making a colour splash.

Bean bag Crazy products will revolutionise the way you relax. Unlike anything that has been seen before – the style, colours, design and above all comfort will blow your mind. Made in the UK to exacting standards, these beanbags will last and last.

Bean Bag Crazy products are made from a PU fabric. This is a two-way stretch, breathable, water-resistant, durable and easy to clean material. This means they can be put me just about anywhere! Just don’t leave indoor models outside in the rain- water resistant doesn’t mean waterproof! When the beanbags get dirty just wipe with a damp cloth!

Bean Bag Crazy products are not only visually stunning, comfy and well made – they are also good for you! They mould to your body shape providing support to areas that need it, and use your own body heat to keep you comfortable.

B-QubedPrice: £49.99
Beige Hermes bbag CushionPrice: £13.99£19.99
Beige Polines bbag CushionPrice: £17.99£24.99
Cream Hermes bbag CushionPrice: £13.99£19.99
Fur bboxPrice: £234.99
Green Santorini bbag CushionPrice: £17.99£24.99
Grey Santorini bbag CushionPrice: £17.99£24.99
Luxury bbag CushionPrice: £24.99
Luxury bboxPrice: £79.99
Luxury Mighty bbagPrice: £179.99
Mighty bbagPrice: £99.99
Mighty bbag FurPrice: £449.99
Mighty bbag FurPrice: £449.99
Mighty bbag OutdoorPrice: £99.99
Mighty bboxPrice: £34.99
Mini bbagPrice: £59.99
Mini bbag OutdoorPrice: £59.99
Mini bboxPrice: £24.99
Monster bbagPrice: £149.99
Monster bbag OutdoorPrice: £149.99
Monster bboxPrice: £44.99
Outdoor bbag CushionPrice: £14.99
Outdoor bboxPrice: £34.99