Ombak Furniture – Sustainable living at its finest!

At The Ultimate Living Company, we believe in quality. We sell premium products. We are incredibly proud to sell quality furniture from Ombak Furniture. All the furniture Ombak has is made from reclaimed teak. Reclaimed Teak is previously used teak that comes from old Dutch colonial buildings in Indonesia. Modernisation in the far-eastern country has seen many of the old style wooden buildings replaced with brick and mortar. The original buildings were built more than 100 years ago from solid teak, and it is this wood that is recycled to make Ombaks products.

Why reclaimed teak?

Appearance – Reclaimed Teak Furniture is a high-end, premium product. Reclaimed teak has incredible amount of inherent character. By its nature, all of our pieces of furniture are unique. The finish with reclaimed teak is deep and lustrous. The tactility of the wood needs to be experienced to be believed.

Durability – Teak itself is a slow growing hardwood. Reclaimed teak has matured for many years, producing a rich grain and colour. The natural oils in reclaimed teak mean it is ultimately stain resistant.

Sustainability- Reclaimed Teak is by its nature 100% sustainable.

Ombak furniture has graced many homes round the country, and at The Ultimate Living Company we are proud to feature them. Many more models coming soon!

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