Mighty bbag Fur


The mammoth !!!Ranges in 4 different colours (black, brown, cream and grey) in a real sheep skin fur. 80 x 99 x 94 cm


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Size: 80 x 99 x 94 cm

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Extreme Comfort Goes Prehistoric Cave dwellers rejoice. A previously undiscovered species of B-bag has been found lurking in the deepest depths of a luxurious primeval lounge. This rare, mighty beast of a beanbag takes extreme lounging to a truly Jurassic scale. No matter how severe your longing for some pure, unadulterated comfort, the Big Furry One will satisfy your needs… like, colossal style! BEAUTY IS SHEEPSKIN DEEP So, how do you make the most ridiculously comfortable beanbag on planet earth even more so? Impossible? Well, that’s what we thought. Then, a bright spark from Extreme Lounging Research Dept. had a brainwave… Let’s cover the mighty-b in the highest quality sheepskin. Whoa! And so, the Big Furry One was born. If you think you’ve experienced all that lounging has to offer, slap yourself on the cheek and think again. The nearest you’ll ever get to being cuddled by a mammoth. Take all of the insanely snug properties of a mighty-b, and then multiply them by a gazillion (give or take). That’s basically the Big Furry One in a very large nutshell. A deep, warm, sheepskin covered love-bucket of a beanbag. But beware: a B-bag as rare as the Big Furry One needs special care and attention. Try not frighten it with loud noises or sudden movements; and when it wants to be groomed take it to the dry cleaner.

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Dimensions 80 x 99 x 94 cm

Bean Bag Crazy


Black, Brown, Cream, Grey

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