Rinjani Coffee Table


The Rinjani Coffee Table is the Ombak bestseller and it is easy to see why. Truly unique in the world of furniture, the twin plank design will grace any room. Available in a variety of sizes and also bespoke.


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There are 17,000 islands in Indonesia where used teak is abundant. Traditionally teak was used for houses and other structures, but now new buildings are built with metal to withstand earthquakes -so there is a good supply.

This reclaimed teak has been seasoned for many years, producing a beautiful mature grain and rich colour unlike plantation woods. It is a very hard, heavy, strong wood and distinctively oily to the touch – this oil in the wood makes teak very durable.

The most sustainable furniture is made from recycled or reclaimed hardwoods as these are the most durable and are life and family-proof. Plus each piece is also unique and individual – nicks and marks are an inherent part of the furniture and a reminder of the historical character of the wood.

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