Teakwood and Stainless Steel Table by Monolith Grills


Transform your Monolith Ceramic Grill into a mobile outdoor kitchen with work surfaces and shelves for barbecue accessories. With the sturdy stainless steel table with teak shelves, the Monolith Classic or LeChef becomes a fully fledged outdoor kitchen. The table has enough space to prepare the grill dishes and to store accessories. Two large wheels and a push bar make the table mobile. The table is available for Monolith Classic and Monolith LeChef.

Optional Oxford Nylon Tarpaulin cover available, which offers the optimal protection against dirt, rain and snow for your Teakwood and Stainless Steel Table.


Price: £749.00£898.00

Size: 139 × 79.5 × 91 cm

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What is a Ceramic Grill and why are they so good?

Ceramic Grills (often called Kamado Grills) are a tradition rooted in history.

Ceramic kamado cooking pots have been used by the Chinese and Japanese for more than 3000 years with the ceramic grill as we now know, and call kamado, being evolved in the 1970’s from the Japanese Mushikamado.

Searing the most delicious cuts of meat, baking pizzas bread and pies, grilling, slow cooking, smoking or steaming – A Monolith Ceramic Grill can do everything you wish for and more.

A Monolith Ceramic Grill offers –

Direct Grilling – A Monolith provides the ultimate in grilling experience. Using the high heat from the coals, a Monolith can provide the authentic BBQ experience.

Indirect Grilling – Using the deflector stone in the grill, the Monolith provides a unrivalled convection oven experience. Roast, bake or braise anything from whole fish and roasting joints to cakes and casseroles. There is complete control over the temperature and cooking process.

Pizza and Bread – The Monolith can raise the temperature to 400 centigrade if needed, whilst giving complete control. This will cook the perfect pizza or bread.

Why choose Monolith?

Monolith Ceramic Grills are the pinnacle of ceramic cooking. Monolith provide the highest quality ceramic grills available in the world, combining the ultimate in aesthetics, functionality and quality.

Monolith grills are constructed from the finest grade of ceramics with an outer surface coating that is extremely resistant to weathering. All other components are the finest grade of stainless steel. The durability of the Monolith is the highest available in the industry.

Additional Information

Dimensions 139 × 79.5 × 91 cm

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