About Us


The Ultimate Living Company was born from a passion about luxury furniture and living spaces.Simon, our founder wanted to create a unique place for both retailers and consumers of unique products. We thought long and hard about a name, then realised why not just say exactly what we are? The Ultimate Living Company.



  • being the best or most extreme example of its kind.

“the ultimate accolade”


  • the best achievable or imaginable of its kind.

the ultimate in decorative luxury”

Our name sums up exactly what we are striving to be. The best, the ultimate in unique living products. We are not trying to fill our website with as many average products as we can; we are offering unique products that have met our criteria for being a little bit different and unique. Every single item has been hand picked and we are proud to feature it.

Retailers can sell with confidence, knowing the value of the brand is protected and their product is placed alongside similarly unique and special products.

For the consumer, we aim to be different from other home marketplaces. We want exiting, unique and ultimate brands. All our brands are chosen along criteria and we focus on quality. For some of our brands, we will only cherry pick the products that fit our ethos and not the others – that is how particular we are.

We started off from small beginnings, an idea.. and now we are proud of our wonderful, eclectic home and garden brands. We are are keen to hear from you if your brands fit our ethos. We dont like average, high street products so why should you? We want to give you the very best, unique products. We are always on the look out for new and unique brands.

We hope you enjoy shopping with us! Please contact us should you have any questions.