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The Ultimate Living is a fabulous destination for amazing home and garden products. We are growing fast, and have a targeted audience which is getting bigger by the day. We have employed some of the top experts in the internet marketing business to increase our market share.

We at The Ultimate Living Company are confident that we can help you as a business grow through greater sales and exposure.

What we can do for you?

The Ultimate Living Company are an agency/listing company. We help you sell your products directly from our website, at no risk or investment from you.

  • We will promote your items through our website. We will list your items, and also run targeted marketing on your items to direct the customers we feel most likely to make a purchase.

  • At The Ultimate Living Company we want to make it easy for you. We don’t like hassle, and we want to make our service to you trouble free. All we need from you are the product details in a simple format– our web team take care of all the coding an input of the products.

  • We like to keep our site ‘fresh’, so we constantly update our homepage and our offers. If you sell with us we will give your product/brand great coverage to promote it.

  • Our prices and commissions are fair and flexible. At The Ultimate Living Company, we realise that different brands have different ideas about how they want to sell. We have no fixed parameters and are here to work with you – contact us and see how open, flexible and receptive we are to your needs!

  • The only requirements that The Ultimate Living Company have is that your product is unique and special, and fits our! We are not judgemental on how big you as a business are, as long as your product is quality. If you are one man band, without a website – no problem! If you are a large manufacturer, but looking for another avenue to resell – no problem! We have a simple and philosophy to business and life in general. If we can help you out, you can help us out, and most importantly the customer is happy with his product and service.

The Ultimate Living Company has –

  • No Joining fees! Why would we charge you to join our fast growing business when it would benefit us both? It doesnt make sense.

  • No tie-in contract! If you sell on other websites and/or direct and it works for you, then we are happy for you!

  • No clutter! We dont believe in selling tat. No cheap filler products to populate the pages, just hand picked quality brands. We will not devalue your brand.

We at The Ultimate Living Company are keen to hear from you if you are interested in working with us.

Please contact us on –

[email protected]

0800 0124598