Teckell is born from the exploration of unpredictable emotions. Thanks to the masterful research of its designers, the innovation of its shapes becomes simple, living material, capable of lighting up the entire room in which it is located. The purity of its lines, coupled with the luxurious elegance and grace of Teckell make this a highly coveted possession. Its style, harmonious and refined, achieves a perfect balance making Teckell a revolutionary adaptation of the traditional fussball table.

B.Lab Italia and Adriano Design continue their path to design excellence by using the most skilled Italian craftsmen and materials, their hands turn Teckell into a precious blend of artistic creation and technology. With its pure elegance and diamond like transparency, Teckell will fulfill your desire for the extraordinary! “Made in Italy” at its finest!

B.Lab Italia produces and distributes this exclusive product series to a few select stores around the world in locations such ad New York, Miami, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Milano, Roma, San Tropez, Zurich, Geneva, Beijing, and Hong Kong. Original and exclusive, a pure Luxury lifestyle product!

Life is a game. True champions play with style and grace, emotion and passion. Teckell celebrates this approach to life with its sophisticated spin on traditional games.

Classic game tables are reinvented as coveted works of Italian art. A triumph for beauty and a timeless trophy for those who know how to play the game of life.