Mighty bbag Quilted Polyester


Throw your hands up and cheer…mighty-b, the mega comfortable style statement, has just got even cooler with the unique quilted polyester fabric. 80 x 99 x 94 cm


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Size: 80 × 99 × 94 cm

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Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce to you the venerable, the illustrious, the legendary Quilted B-bag. Mighty in stature and colossal in style, this is beanbag design at its most eminent. We are sure you will agree, honorable loungers, that there has never been a more noble abode for one’s hindquarters. It’s right posh, one might say. Dearest fellow loungers, the Quilted mighty-b comes adorned in one of nine resplendent colours. From Royal for the true blue-blooded loungers, to hunt jacket red, you’ll find the perfect hue for each wing of the house. Quilted polyester is breathable, splash proof and very easy to clean. However, it’s the superior comfort that one experiences thanks to the heavy quilting that makes this B-bag simply exquisite.

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Dimensions 80 × 99 × 94 cm

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Black, Brown, Yellow, Orange, Lime, Red, Royal Blue, Aqua, Berry, Pink, White, Grey

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